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A Passion for Storytelling  

The Big Blue

Books From Mary Albanese, an Award-Winning Author

Arctic explorer, scientist, and award-winning author Dr. Mary Albanese has written an assortment of books that you'll find hard to put down. Readers get lost in her descriptive and detailed accounts of the North Country from a time when she worked as a field geologist in Alaska. It was during the 1970s and was a rather dangerous job, undertaken at a time when few women worked on expedition crews. The experience taught her that all things are possible, and Mary has since been a professor, columnist, radio host, martial arts instructor, public speaker, and hospice art therapist.

She has had a diverse assortment of careers to be sure, but all of them are linked by a common thread that is behind her work, a love of great story-telling. Mary enjoys using her broad experience to engage audiences, whether live and in person, or through the written word. Mary has always written, and today, as an author, screenwriter, and artist, invites you to check out some of her most popular books.

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