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TOUCHSTONE EARRINGS -- natural stones, affordable price


This is a simple design for a series of earrings I've made using little "pillows" of agate stones, each 20 mm x 20 mm (about 3/4 of an inch). Did you know that most gemstones you buy (most rubies, sapphries, topaz, tanzanite, etc) are heat-treated or irradiated to get those great colors? Few gemstones you will find are totally natural, completely free of a forced processed treatment to enhance their coloration.


My TOUCHSTONE earrings are made of completely natural agates. The stones have come straight out of the ground, been cut into the shape of tiny square "pillows," and then sanded like fine wood to bring out their natural inner shine.

A product of igneous rocks (my favorite kind!), agatates form from liguid silica deposits that have filled the crevases, cracks, or gas vugs left behind when magma or lava has cooled. As the silica cools, the swirling, speckled, or banded patterns of the silica becomes frozen in time, like a magic little window that reveals the rock's liquid past. Each agate is unique, a magnificent work of nature.

The agates, polised to a natural shine, feel like cool silk against the skin. Base colors range from pearly grays, rusty reds, charcoal grays, buff yellows, to midnight black. Most of the pieces display swirls, speckles, or bands.


I have color-matched the agates into pairs (although no two are exactly indentical) and have set them with 925 sterling silver ear-wires and findings -- no junk metals here. Unlike some jewelery that can overpower the skintone with their flashy coloring, these TOUCHSTONES with their natural Earth-tones compliment and highlight the skin. Rather than garishly drawing excessive attention to themselves, they accent the skintone's natural beauty.

I've made a limited number of pairs of these TOUCHSTONE earrings, and when they're gone, I don't know if I will be making any more. To keep my accounting simple, I will be selling each set of earrings for the same price as my book, which is £9.99 British pounds or $14.95 US Dollars plus whatever shipping costs (I don't charge a handling fee). Let me know if you would like to buy a pair (WriterDrMary@aol.com). Or contact me if you are running a charity auction and would like a pair for some worthy cause and I'll see what I can do. I do like to support good causes if I can.

I do love my jewelry, but after making these TOUCHSTONES, now when I reach for a pair of earrings, I turn to these simple earrings more often than to any other earrings I own. Their understated elegance really resonates with me, and their neutral tones set off my skin exceptionally well. It's funny but when I have tried on yellowish or grayish pearls in the past, they look awful on me and make my skin look sallow. However, the yellowish and grayish tones of these TOUCHSTONE AGATES tend to do the opposite and make my skin look gloriously peachy pink. I don't know why they work so well against skin, but they do. 


FLOATING GEM RINGS -- priceless gems, exclusive design

There are also times when I don't feel like neutrals and nothing less than a really flashy gemstone piece will do. In that vein, here is a design I am doing in conjunction with fine jeweller and craftsman James Fairhurst (www.JamesFairhurst.com), who regularly exhibits his fine jewellery at the show-case of London's jewery designers, the Goldsmith's Fair. These pieces I am designing for him called THE FLOATING STONES series involve expert craftsmanship, 18 kt gold or sterling silver, and equisite gemstones.

Ring 1. Pink & green tourmaline in gold.


This is the first in the FLOATING STONES series. The stones in this ring are both tourmalines. The massive green tourmaline has a significant copper component, which gives it an inner glow even in low lighting.
The gemstones in this FLOATING STONES design look like they are floating on the hand, and seem to be held there with no visible support.
Actually, the stones are well supported, but in the back. 
It's a great design not only visually but also because these rings are extremely comfortable on the hand. Unlike most rings where the band wraps around the entire finger, when the temperature rises and falls and the fingers expand and contract, these bands do not constrict the finger. They are pure comfort in any temperature.


Ring 2: Pink tourmaline and blue topaz in silver.


 Ring 2 is a floating ring design set in sterling silver, with pear-shaped stones (London blue topaz, and pink tourmaline).


Necklace 1. Blue topaz pendant, green garnets at the poles.



This massive blue topaz pendant (sterling) floats on a sterling chain. Note the green garnets (tsavorites) set into the north and south pole prongs. It is hard to beat a whopper of a gemstone nearly as big as your little finger. 

I am sourcing the gems now for a series of about a half dozen one-of-a-kind custom-designed rings using these types of settings that I will design, where each ring and pendant will be  totally unique -- a glittering jewelled masteripece. For pricing and availability info, contact jeweller James at www.JamesFairhurst.com